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17 Mar

Where do you think happiness comes from? Does it come from God?    Your mom n dad? Or maybe that boy that just winked at you? Happiness comes in many shapes and sizes. True happiness is when you have that cooky smile and have no clue why you’re smiling.
      Happiness is defined differently from you and I. I find happiness in the silliest of ways, but it’s still there. I love when I can see happiness in people it makes me know that the world still has love in the core of the walls. People think they will be happy once they find love. Good luck! You have to be sincerly be happy with yourself and with your body n soul before someone can be there to share that happiness you have.
        Girls, you are beatiful in every way God made you. You have to love yourself before you love anyone else. I know this quote very well. I never thought I would be good enough for the boy I was dating so I would change for him, wear something crazy, talk like I knew what physics was, just to impress him I lied and said I liked some things he loved. You have to be yourself in a relationship or you’re just going to be worn down from trying soooo hard to impress him or even her. It’s hard to find yourself again as well. I say love yourself because you’re amazing in every way possible. If Alex won’t date you, move on, he isn’t worth unecessary tears. God will lead you into your mates arms be patient and pray he helps you through the tough times.
   God helped me let go of hurt that has been bottled up for 5 years through understanding my mistakes, loving me for me, learning famil comes first, knowing no guy will ever make me as happy as I do, God, and myself, and helping me find a great guy to share the day